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Policy on College Program Application and Admission

College of Technology Alberta strives to establish clear guidelines and principles for college admissions, ensuring equitable access and promoting student success.

Application and Admission Policy

Policy on Academic Standards, Assessment, Standing, Probation and Appeal Processes

This policy is set to establish the formal Academic Standards, Assessment, Academic Standing, Academic Probation and Appeal Processes.

Academic Standards, Assessment, Standing, Probation and Appeal Policy

Privacy Policy on Student Record

In accordance to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (the FOIP Act), and Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA Act) College of Technology Alberta respects the confidentiality and privacy of student records. The privacy of Student Records Policy outlines the regulations and CTA practices regarding the collection, use and distribution of personal student information.

Privacy Policy

Refund Policy

Please take the time to review this document to familiarize yourself with the tuition refund policies and become informed about your options for withdrawals and other refunds

Tuition Refund Policy

Student Concerns and Complaint Policy

The Concern and Complaint Policy ensures a transparent, equitable, and prompt procedure for addressing and resolving student complaints at CTA.

Concerns and Complaint Policy

Policy on Academic Dishonesty

The policy likely establishes formal processes for investigating and addressing instances of academic dishonesty, including the consequences that may result from such behavior.

Policy on Academic Dishonesty

Policy on Student Misconduct

The Policy on Student Misconduct establishes the standards of behavior expected from students within CTA.

Policy on Student Misconduct

Health Care Resources in the Community

This document provides the information about Health Care Resources in the Community that entails the programs and services offered at hospitals, clinics, continuing care facilities, cancer centres, mental health facilities and community health sites.

Health Care Resources in the Community


CTA Admission Form

Please fill out the admission form to Register and Apply

Student Complaint Form

Complaint Form

Withdrawal Forms

If in any case you are unable to continue with your program, kindly fill this withdrawal form.

Programs Withdrawal Form

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